TransferWise - UI/UX/ Product Design

Building money without borders.

About TransferWise
TransferWise is a global technology company with a mission to build the best way to manage your money around the world.

Whether you’re sending money to another country, spending money abroad, or making and receiving international business payments, TransferWise is on a mission to make your life easier and save you money.

More than 7 million people and businesses have stopped using banks because TransferWise is cheaper, faster and easier to use.

My role at TransferWise is to improve how users discover and onboard to TransferWise. 

My role

I'm currently leading the global On-boarding design squad at TransferWise. The squad is embedded in 4 teams. Conversion, On-boarding, Security, & Virality. Guiding and supporting designers through research, concept generation, testing, and implementation. Working collaboratively with PM’s, Analysts, Researchers, copywriters, & Engineers to deliver customer-centric design that help people manage their money internationally.

My overall goal at TransferWise is to improve how users discover and convert to TransferWise customers.
Understanding the problem
To identify the opportunity first I had to understand what could be improved with the current homepage. I set out to understand the problems in more detail. To do this I ran customer surveys, digged into website analytics, held in-person user testing sessions, and organised alignment meetings with key stakeholders.
Concept and validation
Next was to take the key learnings and apply to the design phase. First starting wide I designed multiple iterations and tested through usability testing and internal feedback sessions. Then defined the design through each iteration.
Finalise direction
Once all the stakeholders were happy with the direction. I worked closely with other functions within the company to develop the webpage further. Working with the Brand team on customer photography and illustration, the Comparison team to embed the "Compare to your bank" table, and the regional teams to make sure all content was relevant to all market.
Develop and test
Next was to work closely with Engineers to deliver the final website. As this page touched multiple teams I worked closely with multiple engineers to deliver the final webpage. The page was fully tested on multiple devices (web & mobile) before release. Once the page was live I worked closely with the analysts to understand the results of the new homepage, and where we had the opportunity to increase the impact of the page.

The final design can be seen below.


How I solved the top customer concerns on the homepage.
Price is the most important factor to customers at TransferWise. To show how TransferWise can save you money on international money transfers a transfer calculator was included above the fold. This clearly states the benefit to the user and gives them the confidence to proceed.
Customers want to know their money will be safe. To communicate this I included multiple trust elements throughout the page. From 3rd party logos, customer numbers, customer testimonials, and a customer support section. This helps reassure customers that TransferWise is safe.
How it works
As TransferWise works different to a bank, it was important to show not only how TransferWise works, but how it is cheaper. Building trust in the product. Videos and step by step instructions guide the user on how the process works.