Campaign Monitor - Digital

The sweetest case study of them all.

The Daily Donut

The brief was to show the benefit of Campaign Monitor through a customer case study.

The Daily Donut is a fictitious media and publishing company. The story shows how a growing donut blog can leverage email marketing to drive success, in a fun and engaging way.

The campaign

It's all about the audience, and their engagement.

The animated case-study was part of a bigger campaign that included multiple assets. All assets revolved around the theme. This was to help drive a clear consistent message in market.

'The formula is simple - You want people looking at your content. Again, and again, and again. You want them pointing, clicking, swiping and sharing. Because the bigger your list and the more people you have coming back, the more ad revenue you can make.'

'But publishers want more than just a bigger list, they want a loyal community of followers that have a relationship with the brand. And those relationships get built when they’re personal and relevant.'

The story

Working collaboratively with a copywriter we iterated on the story until it communicated the key benefits of Campaign Monitor. We carefully weaved in key features we wanted to highlight. Making sure to keep the tine open, friendly and fun.


Once the story was in a good spot, I broke the copy down into chapters, exploring multiple ways we could communicate the key messages.


The next stage was to develop a look and feel for the piece. I wanted to keep it bright, colorful, approachable and fun. I looked at typography of old donut shops and explored donuts pop culture. I leveraged illustration as I felt it could give it a strong identity to the piece.

Illustration & animation

I developed a color palette and illustration style to complement the subject. An Illustration style was vital as the piece needed to feel consistent. It added an extra level of polish to the final product.


We developed a set of emails that highlighted certain features and also provided some great ideas for viewers to take away and use.

Final outcome

The final piece brought all the elements together to create an engaging piece that could be used by the audience to improve their email marketing.