Campaign Monitor - Advertising

Sharing email marketing with the world.

Sips 'n tips

Sips 'n tips is a social adverting campaign. The idea was to share helpful tips on email marketing, while also delivering an insightful wine review. The videos were hosted on youtube and shared on social to gain brand awareness and increase top of funnel leads.

As the concept was playful, I wanted to represent this in the art direction. Pastel colors, bold shapes and exciting props were used to bring an element of fun to the set.

Art Direction

I was involved on set, directing a video agency. Making sure key points were being hit upon.

Tasty Videos

For the publishing industry campaign, the theme was team collaboration. I worked with a video agency to create short videos that show key features within Campaign Monitor. These videos are shared socially to gain awareness for Campaign Monitor.

With team collaboration in mind, I created physical emails and used hands to add to the theme of teamwork. The videos were produced using stop-motion, and we had fun exploring different transition ideas.


For the launch of the new email builder, I developed a short video in collaboration with an agency. The video highlights key features in a simple and easy to understand way.

Out of home

To launch the new London office, we designed an advertising station domination at Old street station London. London is a crucial market for Campaign Monitor, where a significant percentage of customers reside. With low brand awareness in this region, we worked with a media agency to plan the strategy for the best ROI and brand awareness for Campaign Monitor.


The theme was 'Send email your customers can't ignore'. The campaign shows people reacting to an email campaign they have been sent.


The campaign consisted of billboards, bus shelters, elevators, ticket booths, and platform art.